Warm weather, bright lights

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Christmas lights

We had wonderful weather here in western New York State for this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Yesterday William and I were able to get outside in the sunshine and work in shirtsleeves to do some autumn cleanup. I may do a few more things before the snow comes down but, if I don’t, we’re in good shape now.

Today we tackled a job I usually save for a cold, inclement day: we put up the exterior Christmas lights. Aside from doing this on a day with good weather, this is pretty early for me generally. I usually like to wait until it is at least December. Last year I didn’t get them up until quite late because of business travel, so I thought I would make it up to my wife Judith by having them all ready this weekend. It’s probably not a bad idea anyway, since I will be on the road a good deal over the next two weeks.

My nighttime shots didn’t all come out very well, but this one isn’t too bad. If I had one from the other direction I could show you the somewhat incongruous sight of the Christmas lights and the uncarved Halloween pumpkin. As long as it doesn’t rot, it gets to stay on the porch step. I give it another week.

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