Brazil goes with OpenDocument Format (ODF)

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The ODF Alliance just issued a press release praising the recent news out of Brazil:

With the publication of version of its 2.0 e-Ping Interoperability Framework*, Brazil becomes the first country in South America to officially recommend ODF. The framework states that all .xls, .doc and .ppt files are in transition, meaning they do not comply anymore with its technical policies, and that ODF is now the Brazilian Government’s officially recommended format. Brazil’s National IT Institute, Ministry of Defense, and State Government of Parana are members of the ODF Alliance.

There’s news from India and Italy as well:

In India, a government order was issued that ODF files will be used for the Delhi state government’s commercial tax office. For its part, Italy is now joining countries such as Malaysia that intend to recognize ODF as a national standard (please see Italian standards bodies voted unanimously to recognize ODF as soon as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) formally publishes IS 26300, which is expected shortly.

Can you say juggernaut?

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