My 2006 BOBBY Awards

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It’s the end of the year and it’s time for my first annual BOBBY awards – Bob’s Open Blog Best of the Year. The categories and winners were chosen after careful consideration and all decisions of the judge (me) are final! My usual disclaimer: these are my personal choices and do not reflect an endorsement by IBM.


  • Best Monitor of What’s Happening in Open Standards
    Andy Updegrove’s Standards Blog
  • Best Analyst Blog that Discusses Standards
    Redmonk’s Steve O’Grady’s tecosystems blog
  • Best Blogging Software
  • Best Blog Search
    None awarded this year


  • Best Open Standard Being Adopted Globally
    The OpenDocument Format
  • Best Traditional Lock-in Strategy Using “Open” for Marketing
    Microsoft Office Open XML
  • Best Supporting Actor for a Traditional Lock-in Strategy Using “Open” for Marketing
    ECMA, formerly the European Computer Manufacturers Association

Open Source

  • Best Browser
    Mozilla Firefox 2
  • Best Linux Desktop Distribution That I’ve Used
  • Best Open Source File Transfer Client
  • Best Open Source Office Suite Supporting ODF
  • Best Open Source Conference
    OSCON Portland
  • Worst Conference Scheduling of Simultaneous Open Source, SOA, and ODF Talks
    LinuxWorld Boston 2005
  • Best US State that Has Not Yet Had an Open Source Conference to Which I’ve Been Invited to Speak

Other Software

  • Best Programming Language I Used This Year for Significant Coding
  • Best Programming Language I Didn’t Code in at All This Year
  • Best Programming Language I Don’t Plan to Code in at All Next Year
  • Best Programming Language I Do Plan to Code In Significantly Next Year
  • Best Programming Language I Do Plan to Code In Significantly Next Year Because of the Application to Which It Is Attached
    LSL, because of Second Life
  • Best Website Statistics Software
  • Best Audio Editing Software
  • Best Instant Messaging Client
    IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5
  • Best Online eMail Client
    Google Mail




  1. I’m surprised about your choice of “Best Instant Messaging Client”. Considering all the energy you’re using on promoting ODF and how superior it is to Open XML (to which I agree), how can you choose a client that doesn’t support Jabber/XMPP? I can see that they will start working with Google in that area and GTalk uses XMPP, but that doesn’t change the fact that XMPP is *the* open standard when it comes to IM.

    My jabber id: pointwood at

  2. In the words of Borat: “Very nice!” I even picked up another feed from them. But beware Hawaii — once you walk off the plane, you won’t want to leave.

  3. it would be splendid if IBM procurement recognised the value of blogs. thanks for calling Stephen out though.

  4. I’d give and honourable mention to Eclipse. A piece of open source software that has had a good year.

  5. – Best Supporting Actoress for Microsoft Office Open XML
    – Novell ? ;)

  6. Any reason why all your nominations are pointing to the web site of the original organisation, with the exception of OpenXML and ECMA which are pointing to your own comments?

  7. I never said these were anything other than subjective. I think if I had had substantial blog entries on any of the others, I might have pointed to them.

  8. Well I thought it was a good list, until I hit the Sametime IM item. Come on, I thought this was your blog and not IBM’s.

  9. Harry, look at it this way. I’ve used SameTime for years now for work, as have tens of thousands of other IBM people. This is the best one yet.

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