Generating Sudoku puzzles

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If you’ve been in an airport or bookstore lately, you’ve probably noticed an explosion of the number of Sudoku puzzle books that are on the market. This is related to the popularity of the game (and I’m all for exercises that keep the mind sharp) but also because the puzzles can be easily computer generated and thus books easily created. These books aren’t cheap either. It’s not unusual for one of these books to cost more than US $10.

Here are a couple of alternatives if you don’t want to pay for one of these books:

  1. OpenSky Sudoku Generator
    This uses the same generator engine as does the Linux gnome-sudoku game, but instead creates PDF files. Thus you can print up a bunch of puzzles and take them with you. You also have the option of printing out separate answer sheets.
  2. Web Sudoku
    This one is pretty cool in that you can either play it interactively if you are online or else print out a puzzle.


  1. Okay, I promise to give you credit for these links, but I’m going to be The Most Popular nephew at xmas. I have three people who are obsessed with Sudoku, and these two sites are great resources.

  2. That’s the idea! Feel free to take all the credit.

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