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Attentive readers of this space will notice that I’ve slowed down the blogging for the end-of-year holidays and vacation. Tomorrow is Christmas, and preparation for that has been taking up a lot of our family time.

William and I went to see Eragon yesterday and we enjoyed it. He and I watched all three of the Lord of the Rings movies a few months ago, so we have fairly high standards when it comes to magical, medieval fantasies. This did not disappoint, though I think it ultimately hinted at more to come than it delivered.

Getting back to the blog, I sometimes write several entries in a series. Here are a few comments about this:

  1. Most long pieces I imagine writing turn into multiple entries when I realize that I don’t have time in one sitting to put each one into a single blog entry.
  2. I am most comfortable writing serial entries in three parts. That said, I hardly ever do this.
  3. When I write a two part piece, I feel guilty that there should be a third piece.
  4. When I write a four part piece I feel I should keep going and write two more.
  5. I get less writer’s block when I don’t promise a follow-up installment.
  6. Some series, like the one I’ve started on Second Life, are open ended and the entries will just appear whenever they present themselves to me.
  7. I have one more installment of Dr. ODF to do, and that will be the hardest to get back to doing since I’ve moved on in my spare time Python programming. I have an on-again, off-again project going on around programming a Sudoku solver. Any takers for carrying on the Dr. ODF series for me?
  8. I owe one more entry in the series about starting with the guitar as I need to talk more about picking out a starter electric guitar. My goal is to finish this by the end of the year and then to start another guitar series around beginning to play.
  9. There is an implicit series among several of my entries around interoperability, open standards, and the ECMA matter of this last year. There are one or two more pieces I want to do to flesh that out.

What this all means is that this blog represents several threads of the things I think about and do, and these threads interweave themselves from time to time. I’m going to resolve to finish up the loose ends in early 2007 and then be more diligent in completing series in a timely way.

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  1. Shorter, serialized blog posts are smart because they’re provocative and makes readers want to return. A blog doesn’t have an end, but everyone takes a blog hiatus, or should throughout the year. Although I’m new to Open Blog, through its posts, links, and blogroll, I’ve really enjoyed learning some new things.

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