#4. My Favorites from 2006 – October through December

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This is the fourth part of some reminiscences of my blogging experience from 2006. See the bottom for links to all four parts. I didn’t blog much in the 10 days before and the few days after the November 7 election since I was volunteering on my wife Judith’s campaign for the New York Assembly.

So there you go, 2006 in four easy installments. I probably could have chosen a few more entries or pared this down, but I think it gives a sense of what was happening to me in 2006 and what I decided to write about.

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  1. You might also have atrracted some extra dutch vistors with the SOA article.
    It is the common abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Dutch !!!

  2. Bob, thanks for these four roundups. I found several deep links I needed and was able to review parts of the year before I arrived at Open Blog. A common thread throughout your writing seems to be the ease with which you can fully productive using Open source apps in your business and home. You also have the ability to sidestep a lot of chatter noise on the blogs, admitting various shortcomings in OSS when you find it. I hope 2007 also brings more sites like ‘Make the Move’ (http://makethemove.net/).

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