The porch in a blizzard

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I know what many of you have been thinking. Enough with the ODF stuff. Enough with OOXML. Enough with the guitar and Second Life. Tell us how the porch is doing!

It’s doing fine, thank you. It’s been getting snowed on quite a bit and will need a good scrubbing come Spring, but the carpentry is holding up just fine. This is its first Winter, so it is a bit odd to look out the window and see it covered in white, but you adjust.

The porch in snow on Valentine's Day

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  1. Bob — You’re confused. Virtual porches don’t need shovelling. Real ones do! Just a quick note from someone hanging around Second Life on a snowy day. — cheers, eli

  2. What’s cool is the black outlines of the steps and rail posts peeked through. Great photo and I wish you well. Last month the Midwest was buried in ice and I was one of the unlucky ones without power for five days.

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