California introduces open document format legislation

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See California AB 1668.

Minnesota, Texas, California, …

Think OASIS, think ODF, compare and contrast with the alternative.


  1. Good news for the people, but why do I smell an “anti-competitive” lawsuit coming from the north? If nothing else, just lobby the politicians on the savings that ODF will bring. That should win anyone over. But wait, they’re in the business of spending money, not saving it. Now I’m confused.

    Just save yourself the trouble and use ODF. You’ll thank OASIS later.

  2. There aren’t any technical obstacles to Microsoft supporting ISO ODF XML in their office software suite; just commercial choices.

    It’s like the old market ‘battle’ between VHS and Betamax for the format in which movies were released for home viewing. VHS won, for a while, but the movies all come out on DVD now.

  3. I think Microsoft’s best option is to withdraw from its ISO goal, and as Germany, Kenya, et al. noted: “permit backward compatibility for existing Office documents, and offering OASIS the opportunity to augment the ODF standard.” (nod to Andy Updegrove’s 2-28 post) That’s the best way for Microsoft to save face given what I can decipher of the published OXML spec. If not, then let’s continue to spread the facts, using OXML against itself.

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