Open documents in Texas

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Sam Hiser has a blog entry about what you can do if you want to voice your opinions on why Texas should take a strong stand on true open document standards. Hurry, though, because there are hearings on Monday.

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  1. So, I’ve just been down to Romsey Community School (to drop my kid off to play hockey). Specialist Maths and Computing College.
    And they’re offering an adult eductional course. “Computers Don’t Byte You”. Sponsored by the BBC and Hampshire County Council.

    So far, so good. Vendor-neutral.

    However, there’s an advertisement in the window. “Qualifications, available through a Microsoft-certified qualification partner. What can a Microsoft qualification do for your business ?”

    That makes it commercial.

    I know what IBM said when IBM withdrew OS/2. “Look at Linux”.
    I know IBM isn’t going to persevere with Lotus SmartSuite. It’s not worth the engineering investment to bring it to ISO26300-compliance, not when is there to be had for free.
    I know computers do byte. I know the story of DVD-Jon getting his computer to play his DVDs, and the Norwegian Economic Crimes Unit showing up on his doorstep, and how eventually the Norwegian Constitutional Court agreed that DVD-Jon could watch his DVDs.

    May I engage in “Open Commercial Warfare” ? I don’t need to give them a Linux. I can put their address into Shuttleworth’s “air strike” service , and he’ll give them Linux and Source code included, no problem there.

    How many packs are needed to do the trick ? One ? Ten ? Hundred ? Thousand ? More ?

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