#1. Political sites in Second Life: Edwards, Obama, Clinton

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From time to time I’ll be posting some links to inworld locations in Second Life where US candidates have set up headquarters. At the moment, these appear to be unofficial, but nevertheless quite well done.

Whether you are interested in the politics or not, I think they are worth looking at, particularly as we get closer to the elections. Candidates for higher elected office spend huge amounts of money on PR. It’s likely that this will be reflected in SL in new ways of interacting with and reaching out to people. That is, they’ll be pushing the virtual world envelope with big bucks behind them.

Minimally, you’ll get some free virtual t-shirts.

  • John Edwards, Democratic candidate for President: unofficial site on Laguna Beach.
  • Barack Obama, Democratic candidate for President: unofficial site on Silicon Island.
  • Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for President: site on Isles of Intrigue2 (I don’t know if this is official or not, but I suspect not).

Please let me know of any inworld locations to which I should be linking.

I’m happy to allow any comments that professionally discuss the SL locations I mention, but I will not be accepting any comments that discuss the politics of the candidates themselves.

Addendum: Although the candidate sites mentioned above all have things like free t-shirts, buttons, and lawn signs, you can buy signs for many candidates at Presidential Candidate Flags and Yard Signs. They keep running stats of the percent of signs bought for each candidate. At the moment, Clinton and Obama are winning.

Having lived through a RL election last Fall and personally dealt with thousands of signs, I hope that these SL ones are scripted to instantly vanish the second after the polls close.

Addendum 2: The New York Times has an article about the Obama SL site: “Obama Is First in Their Second Life.”

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  1. There’s a sign at the Second Life Capitol Hill sim ( http://www.clearink.com/capitolhill ) that dispenses landmarks to Second Life campaign headquarters.

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