#18. My Second Life: Playing streaming music on your land

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If you own or control land in Second Life, you can play streaming music to anyone who is on your land. This all boils down to their having streaming music enabled and your providing SL a URL to the music. Let’s start with the first.

Dancing to the streaming music

Looking at the menu bar at the top of the screen, choose Edit > Preferences, then click on the Audio & Video tab. The second category of options on the right hand side is “Streaming.” Make sure that the “Play Streaming Music When Available” is checked. This does indeed use more bandwidth, but you’ll have to pay that price to hear the music. Click the OK button.

While on your land, choose World > About Land … from the menu bar and then click on the Media tab. Click the top check box about restricting spatialized sound so that your neighbors don’t hear your music. The next option is for the Music URL. You need to find or be given one of these for your streaming music. Let me demonstrate one way of finding this for music of your choice. I’m going to assume you have iTunes installed for this example, but it should give you enough of an idea if you are using something else.

A good source of online Internet radio stations is Live365. Go to this now. Let’s search for Irish music. In the search box toward the top about finding music, type in irish and click the Go button. You’ll see a long list of stations.

Scroll down if necessary to the station labeled “Celtic: The best of Irish and Celtic music.” Click the speaker button (you may get to another page first, but eventually click the speaker button). A popup will appear and you will be offered the chance to open the play.pls file. Make sure iTunes is selected as the application and click the OK button. If you are offered the chance to play silent.pls, accept that as well.

If all has gone well so far, you should have some Irish or Celtic music playing in iTunes within a few minutes. Within iTunes, select File > Get Info (Ctrl I) from the toolbar menu. On the Summary tab at the bottom, there is a long ugly URL. This is what you need! Click the Edit URL button, select the URL, and copy it to the clipboard. Now go back to Second Life and the Media tab from About Land. Paste in the URL you just got, click any one of the other tabs, and then close the menu entirely.

Once, again if all has gone well, you will see the Music tab with volume slider at the bottom of your SL window. Click the play triangular button on the right. You should soon hear your streaming music.

If you want to try alternative methods of getting the streaming music URL, look here.

Some radio stations may directly list their streaming URLs. For example, the Canadian CBC does this.

Yet another way to get the stream URL is via The Stream Center. The links in the rightmost table column are those for the streams.

I hope this helps. Please add a comment with any clarifications or additional info.

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