I got a tattoo

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Well, not a real one, only in Second Life. I’m not sure it’s “me,” though. I’m not sure my avatar is “me” anyway. Maybe I’ll change the color. Maybe this is the start of something …

New tattoo in Second Life


  1. Does this mean you’ve got Secondlife running on the latest Ubuntu? Or is this a screenshot of the Windows client?

  2. Alas, Windows, but it is on the T60p laptop with the ATI graphics hardware. This gives me hope that the Ubuntu graphics problems will get worked out.

  3. I thought you got it for real, and it reads “IBM Lifer” ;-)

    Are you trying out different tattoos on Second Life before getting a real one?

  4. Ha, I’m too chicken to get a real one, plus I don’t think I really want one. I’m just having a little fun in SL outside of my RL comfort zone.

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