Up and running again

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We’re back! My website sutor.com is now running on a new hosting provider and I think all the pieces are up and operational. The most time consuming aspect was uploading all the photos in the album. I’ve restored the WordPress database and it really couldn’t have been easier, given that software’s great instructions. I’m sure there will be a few things to fix here and there, but overall things look fine. Let me know if you think otherwise.

This new provider (HostMonster) has more modern versions of scripting languages such as Python, so I hope to branch out in a few other areas, such as a wiki. This site, like the old one, runs Linux.

One thing that I did not bother to preserve was the Mint statistics. I did print them out before the move, and new ones are being collected on the new host. Because of this, I’m going to wait until June before I publish the next “Top Ten” list.


  1. Dear Sutor,

    Just thought you might like to know that “HostMonster”‘s logo is set as the icon for your website, the one that appears beside your page title on Firefox tab itself.


  2. Thanks. Technically, that should be fixed but it can take a while for browsers to use the new favicon.

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