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As I chronicled over the weekend, I moved the web hosting for from 1&1 to HostMonster. In 2006, I did some research and decided that HostMonster would be a reasonable provider, though I had also heard very good things about other providers. I got an account with them, though I never really used it very much other than for offsite data storage.

In the meanwhile, 1&1 continued to get worse. My site was down for several days several months ago and the support folks were not very helpful in identifying and then communicating the problem. Last week it started all over again. The site was down for three-quarters of a day and then, when it did finally come up, was exceptionally slow. Somehow this extreme slowness was a new problem on my part, according to them, but that was ridiculous. Enough was enough. Starting on Saturday, I began the process of moving from 1&1 to HostMonster.

I made sure my home computer had a full backup of the website, which it did, and then got a fresh backup of the MySQL database for this blog. To move the website to a new host, I had to release the name from its old registrar and then tell HostMonster to grab it. After a few automated emails back and forth to validate this, it was moved and relocked. From Saturday evening to Sunday morning I ftp’ed the website files up to their new location. On Sunday morning, pointed to the new location and I restored the WordPress database. Sometime around lunch, it reverted back to the old IP address.

The association between and the physical IP address is held in multiple DNS databases around the world. The updates to these can take several days and, evidently, not be stable right away. I could still do some work on the new site because it has an alternative address, though some tasks were quite awkward. Late last night the DNS changed again to the new site and seems to be stuck there. Strangely enough, though it was fine at home this morning, when I got to the airport the wifi connection still pointed to the old address. It fixed itself around 9 AM. With luck everyone will see the new site by the end of the day, though a colleague in Austin was still getting the old one this morning.

Just because I’m on a new provider it does not mean that I have will have guaranteed great service, though I am quite pleased so far with the speed of the site. There are several differences in the configuration and I think that these contribute to the snappier feel. When a host becomes unreliable and leaves you stranded, it’s time to move on. I feel better already and I hope this good vibe continues. If the foundation remains stable I can once again look to extending the site’s capability rather than fretting over whether it will even be there.

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