Building another website

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In my spare time I’m working on another website that will be blog-centric. Unlike what I did with, I’m making some fundamentally different choices, primarily because I’m not starting with legacy pages. Also, I hope I know more than I did last time and will do things more effectively.

This new site, which shall remain nameless and linkless right now, has WordPress 2.1 right in the middle. When you go to the home page, that’s a WordPress page. Here are my goals for this site, technology-wise:

  • Always use the latest version of WordPress once it has been out and vetted for a month.
  • Start with a standard WordPress theme and only make some look and feel changes to the CSS.
  • Use plug-ins to extend the default WordPress features and functionality. Try not to use code extensions that involve directly modifying the WordPress code as shipped.
  • If I do write any new code, try to use the plug-in architecture to hook it into WordPress. If I can’t, let the WordPress community know.
  • Isolate all resources such as images in their own directories easily distinguished from the WordPress code tree.
  • Use date and name-based permalinks.
  • Document all changes I make and files I have changed.
  • Only use open source code or, if I do decide to pay for software such as Mint, ensure that I have the code in case I must make changes.

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