Firefox Extension of the Day: Extension List Dumper

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Every so often in the past I’ve published the list of Firefox extensions that I use. I do this, in part, in case anyone else might see something interesting, but I also do it for my own sake. I like going back and seeing what my environment was like at a given time.

Another reason to have a list of your extensions is if you happen to do a fresh install install of Firefox. For example, I reinstalled Ubuntu twice today (that’s another story) and the only tedious part was to reinstall the extensions. Granted, this only took about 15 minutes by peeking at the list of extensions I had working on another machine, but it was still repetitive.

The previous lists of extensions that I’ve shown have been bitmaps. Today I did a little searching and found Extension List Dumper, a cool little piece of software that displays your extensions in various ways and allows you to print or copy the collection to the clipboard.

Here’s what it said about my current environment:

Application: Firefox (2007040314)
Operating System: Linux (x86-gcc3)

A couple of nits: I would prefer no newlines before the end list item tags, and I wish the links would go to rather than the original developer pages. The latter is probably just what happens to be stored in the extensions, so no real problem there, but the former is easily fixable.

The list of extensions I use changes over time. Every once in a while I browse around on the Mozilla Firefox Extensions page. I encourage you to do the same lest you get stuck in an extensions rut.


  1. Bob,

    The extension that you need is FEBE (

    This allows you to back-up all of your Firefox data and will save it remotely.


    PS Looking at that page I notice this: – untried but looks good

  2. Extension List Dumper made me aware of the fact that I had forgotten to install CustomizeGoogle :-)

    Firebug is one of the best extensions ever (in my opinion).

    ctrl + f5 = clear cache

    IE Tab

  3. Still on AdBlock? I got really sick of manually adding new ad sources periodically… AdBlock Plus allows you to subscribe to a managed source of blocking links. I’ve been a lot happier with using it and explicitly whitelisting pages I want to display “ads”. (In the case I’m thinking of, they aren’t ads so much as they are the logos for search results, but the logo images sit in a directory called “ads” on the server for some unfathomable reason, so they get blocked by default… quick easy one time menu entry to not block ads on that site and I’ve been good since.)

  4. Yes, I went back to AdBlock. AdBlock Plus just didn’t give me the control I wanted since I like to fiddle with it. Who knows? Maybe next time I do the list I’ll be back on ABP.

  5. I gotta say NoScript and scrapbook are essential to me.

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