#2. Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Second Life – Works for me on another machine

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Second Life under Ubuntu

Last month I published a blog entry explaining that I could not get Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) working on my Thinkpad T60p under Ubuntu Linux with the ATI restricted drivers. Since then, I have tried two other times with complete reinstalls to get it working via the new ATI drivers on their website. No go, I could not get it to work. Same crash.

Today I decided to try it on my home machine, an old SONY Vaio desktop with an NVIDIA FX 5200/AGP/SSE2 card. I freshly installed Ubuntu 7.04 and then went to System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager and installed the NVIDIA driver. Then I downloaded and installed the latest alpha release of Second Life. Would it work or would I have the same frustrating crash I saw on the Thinkpad?

It worked!

I haven’t seen any glitches with SL or the drivers in the brief time I’ve been trying them out. I’ll report any I see.

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