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Those of you visiting this site over the last few days have probably noticed the occasional “Site Unavailable: CPU Limit Exceeded” message. I’m trying to track this down and have turned off some of the internal processes in order to reduce the load. It might be WordPress 2.2 or it might just be some server issues. I’ve noticed that while some of the delays are related to WP and MySQL, some of them are simple retrievals of images. Therefore, there might be some slow disk issues. Anyway, I’m aware of the problem and will try to fix.


  1. Bob,

    I too run WP 2.2.1 and MySQL for my blog ( but on my own server. I believe the error (CPU Limit Exceeded) you getting is about the CPU license your host’s server is under. In other words, too many users are active. You may want to check with your host about this. BTW, I found that a Mac Mini is a great server. I run about 10 web sites of it for the last 2 years, never having encountered any problems (knocking on wood right now).


  2. My understanding of this is that the processes used more than X seconds of CPU time within the last Y minutes. I have access to a log which shows the offending requests. Many of them are for the ATOM and RSS2 feeds and I’m a bit suspicious because those were redone for WP 2.2.1. In the meanwhile, I seem to have turned off enough things so that it’s complaining anymore.

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