Microsoft and GPL v3

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They’ve issued a statement. They don’t seem to love it and they don’t like what others are saying their deal with Novell implies about their intellectual property and FOSS.

Frankly, whatever they say, it might end up being up to the lawyers and other aspects of the legal system to decide what it all means.

I thought the line

As always, Microsoft remains committed to working with the open source software community to help improve interoperability for customers working in mixed source environments and deliver IP assurance.

was pretty funny. In what sense of “always” do they mean? Was this true when free and open source was a “cancer” done by “communists”, according to them? I know what they were trying to say, at least from their perspective, but the wording could have been better and at least believable.

Also See: The Groklaw entry “MS: Dancing as fast as it can to try to get away from GPLv3.”


  1. No, no, no, we have to make the progress anyway. That’s the human condition.

    Whether Microsoft, IBM, Novell, RedHat, Canonical, Amazon, etc. will distribute the stuff, or whether we just have to look in the garden and see it growing like daisies, who knows ? Perhaps it will all soon be Made In China.

    The lawyers and the businessmen decide amongst themseleves who makes the money. I guess that’s important, too.

    Us engineers, we just want to solve problems for our employers’ clients. So, what needs improving about those XBox360’s ?

  2. > “Was this true when free and open source was a “cancer” done by “communists”, according to them? I know what they were trying ”

    Well, maybe there’s still some hope for interoperability in Europe. After all, according to Microsoft, Open Source is also “unamerican”.

    ,—-[ Quote ]
    | “Microsoft says open-source software is un-American. Has the
    | company completely lost its mind?
    | – – – – – – – – – – – –
    | By Andrew Leonard
    | Feb. 15, 2001 | Once upon a time, Microsoft executives confined
    | their criticism of Linux and free software to old-fashioned FUD
    | — fear, uncertainty and doubt. Linux wasn’t good enough for
    | enterprise-class systems, they declared. You couldn’t get
    | quality support, and it was too hard and clunky for average users.
    | Fair enough. But now, judging by comments made Wednesday by
    | Microsoft’s operating systems chief Jim Allchin (and reported
    | by Bloomberg News), it turns out that free and open-source
    | software is something far worse than anyone could possibly have
    | imagined. It is nothing less than a threat to the American
    | way of life! ”

  3. Do you have any good links or other references for cancer and communists. I recently did a short piece on another bit of MS history and was thinking of writing a few more …

  4. Microsoft tries to separate one person from another, and sell them each a copy of Windows and Word. One holographic sticker per box. Cheap, but you need to keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

    IBM tries to join people together , and encourages them to ‘share’ their software and ‘guide’ each other.

    OS/2 is finished, fallen to Linux. Lotus SmartSuite is finishing, falling to . Both IBM products; I’m sure IBM would like to have sold more, but there are new businesses to replace the old burnt-out ones.

    You’ll have to ask Lenovo and Microsoft about Personal Computers, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office; whether there is growth, stability, or decline. If there’s growth, is it in China ?

    IBM’s selling Lotus Notes.

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