Next week

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Next week this blog will return to its regularly scheduled breadth of programming which has been interrupted for various reasons such as the expanding OOXML debacle, Summer, and other things. I hit the road on Sunday for Europe and will end the week in Poland at the 17th Economic Forum Krynica. I’ve never been to Poland, so I’m especially pleased to be speaking at the Forum.

As things get back to normal, I plan to return to some of the other topics I’ve covered in this blog such as Bob Dylan, college trips for my daughter, the guitar, carpentry, virtual worlds, programming languages, and the Mac. While I’m at it I might geek out on you and throw in some MMORPG and math stuff. Oh, and I’ll keep talking about open source and standards, including any particular projects or specifications that I think you might be interested in knowing about. Regarding pseudo-standards to perpetuate product lock-in, the discussions will continue.

I’ve just gone over three years with this blog, starting with the very first entry on August 23, 2004, called “How do people start using Web services and SOA? Step 1”. I’ve covered a lot of ground, but there is much more ahead, I hope. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


  1. Pictures! We want pictures from Poland. I’ll be the first to say I appreciate all the work and fun you put into ‘Open Blog.’ I’ve learned a lot from you and your readers, and it’s definitely not mono-dimensional.

  2. Take a big sack of IBM marketing novelties .

    See if the SUN rep will take a big sack of SUN novelties .

    Maybe there’s an ATT rep you can invite to bring their novelties .

    A Google rep to bring theirs maybe ?

    Each stick to giving their own gifts. Between us, we should be able to move this industry onwards and upwards.

    Then explain about the IBM Internal Open Source Bazaar, and how it’s looking like Berlin in the cold war. Divided into zones, and with a wall around it to stop the wild software from escaping.

    The Poles know about Berlin.

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