End of year travel

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I’m in the last week of heavy travel for 2007. I started on Sunday with a flight from upstate New York down to LaGuardia airport in New York City. Normally I would consider driving downstate, but I’m going to California today via Denver for the Sakai conference, so I flew the first leg.

We had some nasty weather in the northeast on Sunday, though it wasn’t too bad near home. However, Philadelphia seemed to be seriously messed up, and since my plane to NY was coming from Philly, I got to wait an additional 3 hours. There was no connection, so it was just time lost. I worked a good deal of the weekend on a presentation for Monday, so I just sat and worked some more in the airport. I didn’t get to where I was staying until after 10 pm, so dinner was from a vending machine.

This morning I had a flight scheduled for 10:30 from LaGuardia to Denver, with an hour and forty-five minute connection before going on to Orange County in California. Mid-morning is usually a good time because the airports are less crowded and the early morning flights have all cleared out. The plane is coming up from DC and now I hear that it’s going to be 65 minutes late. I should still be ok, but my fingers are crossed.

I’m taking United on which, I am proud to say, I am now once again a premier member, thanks to my trip to China and back a couple of months ago. This makes up slightly for my not making American Executive Platinum for next year, but not too much.

Anyway, with this I was able to get better seats toward the front of the plane, so with the tighter connection I won’t have to wait for 20 minutes for tens of people to slowly wander off the plane ahead of me.

From beginning to end, business travel is one big optimization problem. I would tell you my secrets, but then you just might get that last seat instead of me (grin).

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