My talk today in Warsaw

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I’m giving a brief talk today on a panel at the Interoperability Conference in Warsaw. On panels I’m not usually sure whether I’ll be expected to use a presentation or not. If my initial comments are 5 minutes or less, I typically don’t bother unless many of the audience members are not native English speakers.

Just in case I need it today, I put together a few slides and I’ve made them available here in PDF format. If you follow this blog, the information is nothing new, though there are a couple of new diagrams.

Incidentally, I’ve noticed that at my talks I can always pick out the representatives from a certain company that shall remain nameless because they are furiously scribbling notes on what I am saying. If I remembered, I would be a nice guy and bring them printouts of the presentations. In any case, I would be happy to  send them a copy of the presentation after the fact.


  1. Hi Bob – have a safe trip back! We have a new grandson – Matthew William Henry, born today. I hear he is extremely handsome – will find out tonight. Stephanie and baby doing well.

  2. Stephane Rodriguez

    Clear and concise. Very good stuff.

    My 2 cents over there,

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