Coming up for air

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I’ve been in North Carolina for a couple of days, first to speak on a panel at the Globalization 2008 Conference in RTP, and then to visit some family down in Wilmington. It was a great visit all around, though it was unfortunate that I had to be away from home on Valentine’s Day.

The flights for this trip have me routed through Atlanta on Delta both ways. On Wednesday the weather caused delays at almost every point: snow and sleet in Rochester, freezing temperatures in Atlanta, and heavy rain in Raleigh. I’m hoping for a much more straightforward trip home today. In theory this is a vacation day because I took some time to visit my family. In reality it means at least 3 business phone calls plus email. That’s a vacation of a sort, I suppose.

I’ve been meaning to put together an entry of travel tips but have never gotten around to it. My new strategy is to just drop them onto pieces I do concerning travel. Here are a few inaugural items.

Travel Tip: Don’t remove your shoes when flying until they let you use electronic devices, and then put them back on when you have to shut down those devices. The only connection is the timing: if there is a problem with the takeoff or the landing, you probably want to be wearing your shoes if you have to act in an emergency.

Travel Tip: If you order room service for dinner, always put the tray out in the hall before going to bed. Ventilation in hotel rooms isn’t usually very good and you probably don’t want to look at that tray in the morning.

Travel Tip: If you don’t listen to music or chat while flying, put in some ear plugs instead. Air flights are very noisy and conversations around you can be distracting. You’ll be able to either work with better concentration or rest more easily.

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