My current Firefox extensions

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My post about moving to Linux reminded me that it’s been a while since I posted what Firefox extensions I use. Here, courtesy of Extension List Dumper is the list:

Application: Firefox (0000000000)

Operating System: Linux (x86-gcc3)

Total number of items: 14

  • Adblock
    Filters ads from web-pages
  • Bookmark Sync and Sort 1.0.7
    Bookmarks Synchronizer is a Mozilla Firefox extension that let you connect to an FTP/WebDAV server and synchronize your bookmarks that are stored in an XML file. Setup is easy; just write in your FTP/WebDAV server address, username, password and a name for the XML file (by default called xbel.xml). To start, press Upload to create the file on the server and set if you want to automatically download the file on startup or upload it when you close your browser.
  • Clear Cache Button 0.6
    Adds a clear cache toolbar button
  • ColorfulTabs 2.0.9
    Colorful Tabs colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appeal of the interface.
  • CoLT 2.3.0
    Adds a Copy Link Text item to the browser’s context menu.
  • Copy as HTML Link 1.1
    Creates an HTML link to the current page using the selected text and copies it
  • CustomizeGoogle 0.70
    Enhance Google search results and remove ads and spam.
  • Bookmarks 1.5.44
    Access your bookmarks wherever you go and keep them organized no matter how many you have.
  • DOM Inspector
    Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.
  • Extension List Dumper 1.12.0
    Dumps a list of the installed extensions.
  • Firebug 1.05
    Web Development Evolved
  • Gmail Manager 0.5.4
    Gmail accounts management and new mail notifications.
  • IBM CCK 1.3
  • Tabbrowser Preferences
    Enhances control over some aspects of tabbed browsing.


  1. MMh. It looks like you need sxipper to manage your pass/identities :)


  2. As an alternative to Bookmarks Sync, you might give Weave a look once you make the jump to FF 3.

  3. You may want to upgrade Adblock to “Adblock Plus”,

    “Adblock” is probably discontinued at the moment (last release in ’06).

    Once you get Adblock Plus, you can also put the companion extension:
    Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper

    which allows you to block ads in a graphical way (you can easily view the boundaries of the element in Firefox when you select to block), so no more hit and miss blocking.

    Both are derived from

    Finally, it is good to get NoScript,
    It forbids Javascript from running but you can enable on a per-host basis. In the beginning it will be cumbersome to select the hosts to enable, however, after a bit it gets ok. NoScript really helps you against Javascript attacks.

  4. Simon, great suggestions! I moved to AdBlock Plus and will look at NoScript.

  5. I find that Tab Mix Plus is better than Tabbrowser Preferences (but then I’m also using a nightly build aka Minefield)

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