Tweet, tweet

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I’m starting to put in place some changes to the look and feel of this site, some of which are minor and others that may be more involved. Today I started by doing one very simple thing: I added a list of the last 20 blog post titles with links to the sidebar on the right. This was just some straightforward PHP for my custom WordPress style.

The second change was more involved because 1) I had to find out if it existed and 2) I then had to install it. I used Alex King’s Twitter Tools to integrate my Twitter remarks, called “tweets”, into the sidebar as well. Alex is a star of Web 2.0, in my opinion, and his code is incredibly high quality. It’s always a pleasure to be able to use more of it!

Let me say right now that I’m not so sure about Twitter or the idea of frequently publishing simple thoughts or throwaway ideas. I started it last year and then quickly abandoned it when I started thinking about social networks and privacy. I’m going to try it again, but cautiously. If I find I’m not using it, the sidebar text will vanish.

Pages on the blog are cached for two hours, so the tweets won’t be exactly live. I can’t see that being a problem given the probably no-so-urgent nature of my mini-postings.

Day 2 of going cold turkey with no Windows is going well. I’ve connected to three different wifi hotspots today with no problems at all using this Red Hat Linux client. That includes one access point that I have not been able to get to from Windows for more than a year.

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