Changes to the SC 34/JTC1 rules for changing your OOXML vote

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A colleague just pointed out that the rules have been modified for notifying SC 34 of JTC1 that you wish to change your national vote on OOXML/DIS 29500. I updated my original entry, but here is the new text from the SC 34 page. The main thing that is changed is that Keith Brannon is not to be the only recipient of the email. That SC 34 page is your final source of information on this topic.

In regard to the September 2, 2007 JTC 1 ballot on the fast track DIS 29500 based on Ecma 376, the ballot resolution meeting (BRM) was held in the week of February 25-29, 2008 at the International Conference Centre Geneva Within 30 days after the BRM, national bodies voted in the 2 September ballot may change their vote from any of “approve”, “disapprove” or “abstain” to any of “approve”, “disapprove” or “abstain”. Any NB wishing to change its vote must inform ITTF of this intention in writing by 29th March, 2008.


  • Vote change shall be communicated by email addressed to Keith Brannon ( as well as Maho Takahashi (, Martine Gaillen ( and yourself on copy.
  • The following shall be indicated in the subject.
    “Modification to the vote on DIS 29500 – Country (National Body/e.g. JISC)”
  • The name of sender shall be mentioned in the email.


Personally I’ve had enough with on-the-fly rule and process changes with this whole thing, but if the increase in recipients is just to ensure that all changes get counted, I’m fine with that.

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