Hello Diigo, good bye del.icio.us

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Last week I asked if anyone knew of some code that would allow me to directly use WordPress to digest the daily links I collect rather than use del.icio.us as the middleman. Though it is certainly technically possible, there doesn’t seem to be a ready made solution. Sam Hiser suggested that I check out Diigo. I like it so much that I deleted my del.icio.us account.

While still being the middleman, Diigo has a much more modern feel that del.icio.us. It’s more general, though it does has a much smaller user base. It was easy to set up the daily blog postings which are the primary reason I use such a service. Indeed, it was easy to send the links I collect to either sutor.com or nigelparavane.com: one service to handle multiple daily postings. Since it appears to be pretty new, I feel that I have a chance via suggestions to help improve it. Indeed, I suggested three things:

  • Better CSS and HTML options when pushing the links out to the blog.
  • More options for when when digests are sent to the blog. For example, I may set up two jobs that publish to the blog at 8 AM and 8 PM, respectively, each one only including the links I saved in the 12 previous hours.
  • A weekly digest sent to the blog for low volume link collections.

With such a new service, I have no idea how long it will be around. Since the information I save is sent to my blog, I have a permanent copy that is independent of the service.

I still wouldn’t mind having such a thing hosted on sutor.com rather than another service, though.

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