April break

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Aside from a few tweets and links, I haven’t said much here and that will be mostly the case for the next week or so. I’m taking some vacation and catching up on some family duties. Next weekend, weather permitting, I’m going to start in earnest on some outdoor projects including a couple of porches. They won’t be the new construction that the kitchen porch of a couple of years was, but there’s another work to keep me busy for a few weekends on each. In the meanwhile, enjoy your Spring break if you’ve got one, or otherwise get outside and shake off those late Winter blues.

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  1. … and take an umbrella if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, because it’s Autumn going into Winter down here…

    Part of what Standards are supposed to achieve is to remove company-centric, nation-centric and hemisphere-centric items that don’t globalise well.


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