Awakened by a crash

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Well, not quite awakened, but 10 minutes after I woke up this morning I heard what sounded like a large tree falling outside our house. We have some big black walnut trees that are several hundred years old and I immediately suspected one of those. Looking out the windows I instead discovered that someone had crashed into the utility pole near the end of our driveway. Her air bag probably saved her life.

Car crash

The driver was shaken but ok. I called 911 and within minutes the local police and fire department were on the scene. The woman was taken to the hospital and the various cleanup and repair crews arrived. Here’s what was left of the utility pole.

Car crash cleanup

We didn’t lose power, cable, DSL, or phone, though our uphill neighbors lost at least their power. The power company crew used a huge auger to drill the hole for the new pole.

Car crash cleanup

Here’s th new pole being put into place. During this whole time the road, a rather busy one, was shut down for the morning rush hour, and then some.

Car crash cleanup

After the new pole was in, another crew worked to get the new power line in place for our neighbor and raise our cable and telephone wires back into place.

Car crash cleanup

Within five hours of the accident happening, the new pole and wires were in place and the road was reopened.

Car crash cleanup

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  1. “Awakens” downplays the severity of the incident somewhat. I remember when Joe Wilcox chose the headline “when a crane falls, duck!” when someone died from a falling crane.

    But never mind. I’m being picky.

    Glad there was no death in this case. Driving is a very dangerous activity.

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