Twitter tweets for 2008-05-04

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  • Microsoft withdrew its bid for Yahoo. #
  • Now have an extra 4 hour layover in O’Hare. Preferable to missing a flight to Europe. Been there, done that. #
  • @edbrill AA flight from Rochester is frequently late, so can’t take the chance of missing the flight to London. #
  • Heading to the airport for trip to Milan and Rome. #
  • Trying out TwitterBerry from Orangatame Software #
  • Starting to get more serious about what my website looks like on mobile devices. Installed Opera and Firefox Web Developer addon to help. #
  • Just installed Opera Mini on my BlackBerry. #
  • @laurencooney Seems rather simplistic, hard to do replies. I’ll give it the week. #
  • @alanlepo You’re the one who suggested I use it! #
  • Sitting on plane waiting for flight to LHR. #


  1. Haren Visavadia

    At moment, how your website looks on a mobile device is the same as how it would look on the print preview in Firefox.

  2. @Haren: I set that yesterday. I figured it was better for handhelds than the noisy version, at least for now.

  3. Haren Visavadia

    Indeed, though the home page needs a bit of fixing ( for handhelds.

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