Latest ODF Alliance newsletter is available

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I just got an email with the latest OpenDocument Format Alliance newsletter. It is also available in PDF form.

[Why this is correctly available in PDF form and not ODF.]

Topics include

  • South Africa, Brazil, India, Venezuela Appeal OOXML Vote; Denmark Protests; Legal Challenge in UK
  • ODF Alliance Calls on Microsoft to Act on Its Commitment to Implement Support for ODF
  • New York Report Recommends State Begin Accepting Documents in Open Formats, Integrate Openness in Procurement Policies
  • Appeal Launched for Hague Declaration on Digital Rights
  • Join the Public Discussion on ODF Implementation, Interoperability, and Conformance
  • New or Improved ODF Applications Support


  1. Why not send it in ODF? I understand your thinking, but I think PDF is more of a presentation format. Since a newsletter is not meant to be edited, I think it’s the best choice in this situation. An ODT, in my opinion, file would be more appropriate in a collaboration type of situation.

  2. @Adam: I don’t think anyone is going to collaborate on the final form of the newsletter, so that’s why PDF is more appropriate than ODF, IMO.

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