Open Blog Rerun: “Interoperability vs. intraoperability: your open choice”

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Since I’m traveling this week and not likely to post much, I’ve scheduled some entries like this to point to some of my personal favorite blog writings.

Here’s today’s blog blast from the past.

Title: “Interoperability vs. intraoperability: your open choice”
Date: December 6, 2006

Software succeeds because the application or service is faster, more reliable, more secure, more scalable, has a better user interface, or, more generally, provide a better quality of service. It does not succeed because a provider abuses the word “interoperability” and convinces others that they play on a field that is level.

Interoperability driven by open standards increases competition, provides more choice of applications to customers, and drives down prices. Customers can interchange, or substitute, one piece of software from one provider for another. The central provider in the middle of an interoperability situation hates this true, open interoperability. Customers love it.

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