Open Blog Rerun: “Will virtual worlds save the standards process?”

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Since I’m traveling this week and not likely to post much, I’ve scheduled some entries like this to point to some of my personal favorite blog writings.

Here’s today’s blog blast from the past.

Title: “Will virtual worlds save the standards process?”
Date: July 10, 2007

While it’s nice to see people in person, can we reduce these various costs by using virtual worlds more? That is, can we develop a culture around standards development that allows us to meet in a virtual world on a regular and more frequent basis and get our work done? We’ll still use a lot of the same tools for email and document management, but what do you think we’ll need to do standards work in this way?

Let me note that there were quite a few comments on this. Has anything changed since then?

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  1. 1. The air is going out of the virtual worlds bubble.

    2. Various nouveau standards efforts are collapsing because of their inability to agree to IP participation conditions. Greed is a disabler.

    3. More announcements of language-agnostic universal clients (may be the best compromise in the near-term for authors and technology owners). Smart implementations that are win-wins are enablers.

    4. Increased use in language standards with new research coming online justifying existing standards. (Reinventing the wheel is still an disabler).

    5. More applications in the local room space (eg, Facebook). When blended into the global space (Google Earth, Virtual Earth), a possible grass roots unification by address.

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