In San Francisco

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My wife and I flew out to San Francisco last night. I’m speaking at LinuxWorld tomorrow which, coincidentally, is our 25th wedding anniversary. In and around the conference we’re going to do some fun things like attend a Giants game tonight and go up to Napa for a couple of days.

We took JetBlue and the trip went without a hitch. Normally I fly through Chicago but it was very good that we didn’t yesterday because of very bad weather and a tornado touchdown 15 miles outside the city. Evidently 400 flights were canceled. I like Chicago, but I don’t like sleeping at O’Hare airport.

Tomorrow I’ll publish the slides for the keynote with some commentary. Today I’m participating in a press conference and doing some interviews.

Quick notes:

  • I just finished reading Timescape by Gregory Benford. Very much 1980s physics meets science fiction. I also finished Explorer which is the sixth book in the Foreigner series by C.J. Cherryh.
  • I just started reading Dreaming in Code by Scott Rosenberg, who was a co-founder of Salon (just as it says on the cover and several other places, not sure why we need to know that and so often). It’s about the creation of the Chandler open source project and so far it’s not as horrid as most software development books for laymen usually are. More when I read more.
  • The side porch project is coming along well. I’ll post some photos this weekend. Last Saturday my son William and I poured a new concrete base for the stairs, so they should be good and cured when I get home.


  1. I watched last night’s game against the Braves during which they had a moment of silence for Skip. I doubt they do anything additional tonight. They did have a very big crowd, so I’ll be curious as to what seats you wind up in. And of course, dress really warm.

  2. Congratulations with your 25th anniversary! By the way, it was a pleasure to hear you talk about open source & open standards at the IT Univsersity of Copenhagen last year. Our clients need to hear more about our work in these areas – it’s humongous!
    Regards, Gutzon

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