LinuxWorld 2008 Prediction #1: Green

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Podcast of LinuxWorld 2008 Prediction #1

Although I’ve previously published the slides for the talk I gave at LinuxWorld 2008 in San Francisco, I thought it might be useful to add some additional comments in the blog about each of the eight predictions I made. This is not the full text of what I said nor a full discussion of the slide, but just some ideas that flesh out what I meant. The full one hour video of the keynote talk is now available at the conference website.

Slide made of prediction at LinuxWorld 2008

The things being done today with Linux in the datacenter are all good ideas and we should keep improving on them and pushing them harder for results.

That said, I’m not seeing a lot of open source applications above the operating system that are especially focused on environmental, ecological, and energy saving issues. We can do more, we can do better, and I think when people do focus on this area we’ll see some real cleverness and innovation.

What about the areas of home, office, and factory energy usage? What open source applications will I be able to use to make my house, my car, my children, and my friends more efficient?

How about a wifi light switch that is tied into a service that can make it go on and off when the sun sets and rises? How about some software that looks at tasks of household errands and optimizes the order in which they are done in order to conserve fuel?

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  1. Related to “Making your … more efficient” you might consider looking at Free Education Timetabling.

    As far as I can gather, it’s focussed coming up with a timetable for teachers and classrooms, so that children can be taught their lessons on an orderly schedule; but it’s addressing a ‘constrained optimization’ problem which might be more widely applicable. Could you schedule aircraft with it ?

    Do give feedback, if you find it useful.

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