Fall travel season

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I’m at the airport in Rochester, NY, waiting for my lunchtime flight to Chicago and then on to Europe overnight. The airport has this beautiful new free business center with no-charge wifi, so I’m quite comfortable. In fact, I came in here right after I dropped my son off at school even though it was four hours before my flight.

One nit with the business center is that the rooms have an outlet in the floor in the center and the receptacles are inset. For my MacBook Pro I can use the power cord extension, but for my Blackberry charger it is not an easy fit. My solution was to wedge a paperbook book (Red Mars) between the charger and the slanted table leg, thereby pressing down and making the connection. It’s tenuous, but seems to be working.

I had hoped to finish the porch restoration project this weekend since I only have some finish molding to put on, but the weather conspired against me. It rained most of the day on Saturday. On Sunday we went to a political picnic in the afternoon, and then it rained a bit more for good measure. Weather permitting, the porch should be carpentry-complete on Saturday and then I’ll start painting. First the whole thing will need a good scrubbing, but if we have a sunny day it will dry quickly.

The countdown continues until we bring Katie to college. We’re at T minus 10 days now. Most of her friends have already gone to school since her university is on a quarter system and starts quite late. We’re fine with her being home longer, but I think she has mixed feeling now about wanting to start but being nervous about moving to school. Like millions before us, we’ll get through it, but it will be tough emotionally.

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  1. My student reckons that Warwick University‘s Campus LAN … the Internet in the student accommodation … is pretty much unusable for the first couple of weeks of the semester. The students bring their Personal Computers in from wherever they’ve been over the summer, worms and viruses included, and it’s a couple of weeks while they exchange infections over the fast academic network and the IT support people bring things under control and into equilibrium with the local eco-system.

    Corporately, it’s opportunity, of course. IBM Internet Security Systems Ahead Of The Threat ™.

    We can only actually take responsibility on behalf of employees and clients, though. Clients get warranties, employees get best effort.

    Can any business do better ?

    Now, tell me again about OS/2 and SmartSuite. Why are they not thriving businesses ? Is it for the same reason as typewriters and card punches, or is it the big M-word ?

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