Questioning my existence

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All day long I’ve had this feeling that the hotel in which I was staying didn’t know I was here. I arrived in Europe yesterday morning and we took pains to make sure the hotel knew I was arriving early. When I checked in they confirmed that I was staying three more nights.

This morning the phone rang while I was in the shower but I couldn’t get to it. I checked and neither of my colleagues with whom I’m working this week had called me. There was no message. After my meetings this afternoon, I was working in my room and there were several knocks on the door. Typically this is housekeeping looking to turn down the bed, so I called out that I was all set. They went away.

I was connected to the Internet via the hotel’s wifi and that had entailed giving my room number and my surname. No issues there. However when I tried to connect today via my iPod Touch (an ancient version, current as of two days ago), the service told me that there was no guest in room 321. This was odd because clearly I was the guest in room 321. Since things were fine through my laptop, I decided it was a glitch, even though both the iPod and the laptop had been working this morning on wifi.

After I returned from being out for about an hour this evening, my room key did not work. I went down to the front desk and told them this. I didn’t think I had put it near my mobile phone, the usual cause of hotel key deprogramming, but the woman at reception responded to my key malfunction with “Oh, yes, we didn’t know you were here. When did you arrive?”

I told them yesterday and after several attempts to get me back in the system, room 321 no less, things seem to work. The key was active when I went back to the room, and the iPod connected to the Internet without a problem.

I probably should have picked up on the signals earlier but perhaps I was in denial. Of course they knew I was here. They had checked me in. True they had issues with my reservation last week because they had reversed my first and last names, but surely that was worked out. I still don’t know what happened, but things seem quiet now. I’m going to keep that door locked tonight and tomorrow I’ll be wondering while I am out if they’ve made me roomless. For the moment, possession is nine-tenths of the law as far as room 321 is concerned.


  1. Bob hi

    Pretty spooky that this showed up in my RSS reader straight after:

    Coincidence, or … something more sinister ;-)

    – Alex.

  2. Careful with those headlines. Dr. Sutor. :-)

  3. Yeah, maybe I was being too clever there!

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