IBM announces standards principles

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The press release just hit about IBM’s new set of standards principles. I’ll have more on this in the morning, and there will be a lot to say over the next few days because there are some subtle points to it. All the principles are important, and they are not listed in any priority order. I’m anticipating that some stories will emphasize some aspects more than others, but if these cause some good discussion, that’s great.

Here are the principles from the press release:

  • Begin or end participation in standards bodies based on the quality and openness of their processes, membership rules, and intellectual property policies.
  • Encourage emerging and developed economies to both adopt open global standards and to participate in the creation of those standards.
  • Advance governance rules within standards bodies that ensure technology decisions, votes, and dispute resolutions are made fairly by independent participants, protected from undue influence.
  • Collaborate with standards bodies and developer communities to ensure that open software interoperability standards are freely available and implementable.
  • Help drive the creation of clear, simple and consistent intellectual property policies for standards organizations, thereby enabling standards developers and implementers to make informed technical and business decisions.

If you are interested in a version of the standards principles in presentation form, I’ve put one together. It says the same thing as the press release but is structured slightly differently.

IBM Standards Principles

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  1. Congratulations, I’m sure this took a lot of work. I’m especially happy to see this in the wiki recommendations: ‘Encourage “minimalist” specs while discouraging competition-limiting proprietary extensions.”

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