Travel good luck … makes me nervous

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This afternoon I was scheduled on a 4:45 flight out of Rochester, NY, to Washington, DC. Unless I have other business near the airport, I usually leave home about two hours before my flight. That gets me there with more than enough time to spare in case there is a long security line or other problem. This is how it went today.

2:30 Leave house and go to ATM at bank.

3:15 Park car at airport.

3:20 Get completely through security, notice that my flight is delayed, but so was previous flight.

3:30 Board previous flight, have two seats to myself near back of plane.

3:40 Wheels up for plane.

4:36 Wheels down in DC.

5:10 At hotel.

Perhaps this good luck is payback for all the flight delays I’ve suffered through around the world. I hope it’s not a downpayment on a really big delay yet to come.

For DC at least I can always rent a car and drive home, though it takes about six hours once I’m past the beltway. I considered that today since it was such a beautiful Autumn day, but I’m glad I stuck to the plane itinerary. Besides, I really do need to get the prescription checked on my sunglasses. This was obvious after driving 9 1/2 hours from Chicago this weekend. I got home with a really good headache a feeling that someone had been squeezing my eyeballs. Sorry about that imagery.

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