On to South Africa

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I’m in Dulles Airport in Washington on my way to Pretoria, South Africa, for the International ODF User Conference. I flew here from Chicago, where I visited my daughter at college. I’m trying to get more comfortable with finding my way around the city, beyond what my tourist visits did for me. That means taking more public transportation and just generally having a better sense of where I am and what is there.

This is a long trip, 11 days, and I’m about to get on my longest flight, about 16 hours, with, I believe, a stop for refueling. I’ve got plenty of work and reading to bring with me, so I’m not worried about all that time on the airplane. I could use to catch up my sleep a bit as well and so I might do some extra snoozing along the way as I fit in a night’s rest over the 16 hours.

Not too much else to report. All the construction is done on the restoration of the side porch. The landscaping around the porch is also finished except for putting up some plastic coated steel cable on which I’ll be retraining a wisteria vine. I only have one more weekend at home until November, so I’m going to have to squeeze a lot of odds and ends of outdoor work before the snow starts.

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