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[I made this simple iMovie video of this blog entry to experiment with a few things. I know it looks too much like I’m reading, but I’m posting it for later comparison sake and just in case anyone might be interested in viewing it.]

I got back from my 11 day trip last Thursday night and have since been catching up on life and business, not to mention nervously watching what’s happening on the political scene. Last weekend was my chance to finish up some odds and ends outside before we start getting the strange weather that is November in upstate New York.

The side porch restoration project is complete and the very last part was putting up some galvanized eye hooks and cable on which to retrain a wisteria vine. Wisteria is a great plant but it has a mind all its own about where it wants to go and how old it needs to be when it blooms. I now have it set so it should work its way south around the upper part of the porch, whereas it seemed to think that heading north toward Canada was preferable. I anticipate a year or two of further coaxing.

Wisteria on side porch

Regarding the baseball playoffs that I mentioned once or twice before as a distraction from the stock market falling into the basement, The Philadephia Phillies will play the Tampa Bay Rays. Wait for it, here it comes … yawn. I had been hoping for an all-Chicago series, but the Cubs lost to the Dodgers and the White Sox lost to the Rays. Meanwhile the Boston Red Sox beat the team with the best record in the American League, the Angels, and the Phillies wiped out the Milwaukee Brewers. Got that?

At that point I started rooting for the Rays to beat Boston and the Dodgers to beat the Phillies. The Red Sox made it interesting, but the Rays prevailed in 7 games. The Dodgers forgot to show up and the Phillies won in 5 games.

So at this point I really don’t care much and I doubt the World Series will have huge viewer ratings, being an all east coast set of games. To me it seems that the most serious competition will be between people who live in the Philadelphia area and their grandparents who have moved to Florida and switched allegiance to the Rays. Don’t trash talk grandma and grandpa too much.

I’m actively trying to get back into playing the guitar and to start making some real progress. That means less jumping around a whole lot and sticking to some sort of program. Lessons are a possibility, but I’ll need at least a month of serious practice to even know where to start there. Besides, I need to build up the callouses on the fingers of my left hand.


  1. Love the video, and just like your other movies, you’re a natural! But I thought it was Bob “SUtor,” not Bob “Su-TOR.” Beautiful house; the wife does a great job on it. My teams never win, and I’ve offered to make others millionaires by placing bets against the teams I think will win. I say Tampa Bay will win the WS, so that means bet the daughter’s college fund on the Phillies. Don’t worry, it’s a lock.

    Hope to see more of these videos. Glad there was no ‘I’m-a-Mac’ plinky music in the background. ha!

  2. Pretty good movie, Bob. I like the music — is that you playing?

    To reduce the appearance of reading, you might want to use a prompter. Try cueprompter.com in full-screen mode, large font, at speed 3.

  3. No, I must admit that’s an Apple audio clip that came with iMovie! Thanks for the pointer to cueprompter, will give it a shot.

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