A rose and two goofballs

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The weather up here in northwestern New York has been pretty dreary the last few days. It’s been cold and wet, the forecast for the weekend is the same, but today it’s 60 F and sunny. I took advantage of this to run out at lunch time and spray some Wilt-Pruf on the evergreens that I planted a few weeks ago as part of the side porch restoration project.

Though I’ve never used it before, Wilt-Pruf is supposed to reduce the amount of water that is lost through the leaves of a plant and is especially recommended for winter. Since our first-snow-to-last-snow time span is about 5 months, I thought it would be good to try it on our new landscape investments. I’m hoping, in particular, that it helps a rhododendron survive the cold.

According to its website, Wilt-Pruf is an “anti-transpirant,” which is my new word for the day.

Two years ago I published a photo of the “last rose” of the season. That was on October 15. That same plant is still yielding blooms this year, though I doubt they’ll last much longer. The first photo is of the best of the flowers on the bush.

While I had the camera out, I shot some photos of two of our four cats, the two males.

Cats Gideon and Beatnik

Gideon, the tiger, is 13 and Beatnik, in black and white, is 3. Gideon is the older cat in what we consider our second generation of felines and Beatnik is the younger of the third generation.


  1. What camera are you using to take the flower shots?

  2. These look like two fine cats. Do these boys get along together? I’m always afraid my Henry will beat up any new boy that comes into the house.

  3. Yes, they get along fine. The two that don’t get along are the two youngest. Male Beatnik usurped female Minerva’s role as the youngest and cutest. Every once in a while we see Minerva chasing Minerva, but usually it is the other way around.

  4. @Ronnie: Canon EOS Rebel XTi

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