Introducing the events calendar

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Two year’s ago when my wife Judith was running for the New York State Assembly, I wrote a simple events calendar for her website to keep track of all the local meetings, parades, and county fairs where she would be appearing. At that time and since, I’ve thought about having a similar calendar for this website.

Over the holidays I sat down to see what I could put together. I did some research and found that there are several very good PHP-based events calendars, almost all of which did a lot more than I wanted. That is, I didn’t need a database back-end, fancy input interface, and an AJAX-based presentation. That is, I don’t think I need them yet.

So I wrote my own in PHP. It’s rudimentary, but it gets the job done. There are some more things I want to do with it over time to make it more attractive and functional, such as adding some images, tags, and mapping capabilities. Maybe I’ll even put in RSS and ATOM feeds. It’s probable that I’ll play with WordPress to try to do what I want before I extend this one too much.

What am I going to include in it? Well, anything in which I’m interested. Right now there are several open source conferences; concerts by Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show, Emmylou Harris, and Joan Baez; a guitar show in Montreal; and a few other things. It’s meant to be eclectic and match the topics and spirit of what I discuss in my blog. Feel free to send me suggestions.

You can access the events calendar via the link on the right sidebar or right here.

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