Where to go to join a standards group

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I usually have several potential blog entries floating around in my head. On them is “Checklist for joining a standards organization.” Per one of my resolutions for 2009, I’m not going to promise that this will ever appear, but one of the most basic issues is that you know where to go to even consider joining a group. Put simply, you need to get a membership form, read it, have your attorney read it, get internal approval, come up with the money, send the money, join the group. There’s more, but it expands from that.

To the very first point, here are some links to where you get membership information for joining some standards groups. There are hundreds of groups, but I’m only going to list a few to get you going. They are meant to be representative and illustrate the range of membership types and governance structures.

For extensive information about participating in standards creation, see Andy Updegrove’s “The Essential Guide to Standards.”

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