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My son told me this morning that he had a very productive weekend. For him, that meant that he had leveled one of his World of Warcraft characters (now level 75 Gnome Mage). As a bonus, he went on my account and did some herbing and mining. Oh, yeah, we also picked up and assembled a new treadmill. He was a very big help on that, since you really need two pairs of hands as you flip things around and hold supports while the other person is installing bolts.

For the last week, productivity for me has meant talking to many people, working through a lot of email, and trying to come up to speed on the “middleware on Linux” job. These are all the common things that people do in business, but it’s been a fun homecoming back to IBM’s Software Group. I got to both bring my group from Corporate that were doing open source and standards, as well as starting working in a new and different way with people with whom I’ve engaged for the last several years. Of course, all the new people I’m meeting are great as well. Names are becoming people, and lines across the “matrix” are becoming more obvious and clear. There’s a lot more work to do for me, but thanks to the folks who have brought me up to speed and running so far.

My new tag line for software on servers: “Obviously it should run on Linux.”

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  1. Quotes that comes to mind…

    “The Linux kernel has reached a level of maturity where it mostly goes unnoticed and acts like an “invisible magician in the background”, according to Linus Torvalds.”,130061733,339285746,00.htm

    Productivity, not distraction.

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