List of Hugo and Nebula science fiction and fantasy novel award winners

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I mentioned some time ago that I was going to stop buying science fiction books in the bookstore that had nice covers and descriptions, and instead try to focus on what others consider the best in the field. I’m still open to recommendations as well as reading books by authors I like even though those books might not have won any awards.

In the science fiction and fantasy area, the two big industry award categories are the Hugos and the Nebulas. I put together a big table of all the novel winners for each set of awards. I also included columns where I could mark if I’ve read the books. Even if you don’t find this of value, at least I can print out the list and carry it around in my wallet. That way I won’t be stuck with not knowing which scifi books to chose from when I’m next browsing in a bookstore near or far.

I’ll admit that this is maybe just the slightest bit geeky, but so be it.

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