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Effective January 1, 2010, this site does not use Drupal and instead uses only WordPress.

This weekend I got more time to play with my Drupal installation. I’ve been looking at moving over my non-blog content to this platform and it has been going pretty well so far.

I finally decided to go ahead and patch the theme I liked most rather than sticking with one that was not my favorite. There was a small bug in it that prevented blog entry publication times from being shown unless the entry also had tags. Now, practically, this is not important now because my blog is not in Drupal. But should I ever decide to move it from WordPress, I need to know the bug is not an issue. I found the PHP fix on the web, cloned and renamed the theme, and applied the patch. I also added a couple of CSS classes to handle left and right floating images better.

I had hoped to keep to a completely stock theme so I could take advantage of updates, but I am tracking changes to the base theme. Since I plan to make only minimal alterations and I will document them for myself, I think I can manage not getting out of sync.

Last night I installed the Drupal geshifilter module, which provides support for the Generic Syntax Highlighter. This is a very nice PHP package that colors syntax and keywords for many programming languages. Most modern programming editors do this, but GeSHi does it for code that is meant to be displayed in a browser. I was working on some of my old Second Life scripting articles, so I wanted to “prettyprint” the LSL code. Unfortunately this did not come stock with GeSHI, but I was able to find the right configuration file elsewhere.

With this I’ll be able to move the remaining Second Life articles into Drupal, though I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t just rewrite them. If I had the time, perhaps, but for now I’ll just clean up a bit and publish.

There’s a lot that I would have to do before I could ever move my blog over to Drupal, such as dealing with redirecting old URLs and taxonomy issues for tags and categories. I’m in absolutely no rush to do this. Right now I’ll stick with WordPress for the blog and I suspect it’s the superior solution for that. Maybe I just need to backport the Drupal theme to WordPress?

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  1. Glad to know about Geshifilter. Maybe that will help me modify some themes. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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