Almost Spring

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It’s been a while since I added much of substance here since this was such a busy week. We at IBM hosted an analyst meeting on Linux and open source in Stamford, CT, and between preparing for that and actually doing it, there was little time for anything else. Actually, there was the 12 hours of driving to do plus all the other work-related meetings and calls.

This last week was the first of four in which I’ll be on the road quite a bit. This next week I have a relatively quick trip on the east coast, but then the following week I go out to San Francisco to speak at the Open Source and Business Conference. The scheduling for that has been interesting and not all that easy, and I still have a few more meetings to squeeze in. Tuesday will be the best day to wedge in a few more get-togethers with folks.

It’s March now, and in upstate New York in the US that means that the weather isn’t sure if it should act like Winter or Spring. Today it was the latter, but the last few days were definitely colder than I would like it to be right now. We’ll continue with this oscillation for a few more weeks. With luck we’ll have no more snow after April 1, but it has certainly happened. We’re starting to get some of the very early Spring flowers pushing up. I did some raking this afternoon, but not from the gardens. It is much too early to take away the mulch, even if that is only leaves that blew in over the last few months. Today I just cleared out some debris that had blown into a few corners.

If the weather is nice next weekend I’ll start doing some serious Spring cleanup including dragging some downed branches into the woods out back. I have plans to do a serious vegetable garden this year, but we’re two months away from when I can even consider tilling the soil.

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    Not sure if this is the right way to send you that, but this is the more personal article so it may be ok.

    This is a great song to learn and pass around. It is timely. For your homework, it is a drop E to D tuning with the bass walk up the E string. The pattern is not hard to play and accepts variations so if you can’t suss it out exactly, it still works.

    Arlo stays on his path. Enjoy, Bob!

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