Andy Updegrove: “IT Policy And The Road To Open Government”

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Andy Updegrove
Attorney Andy Updegrove has just published his latest newsletter on the topic of “IT Policy And The Road To Open Government” within his website. He includes discussions on

  • With Access and Information for All
  • Enabling Open Government
  • How Open Must Open Government Platforms be?

One Comment

  1. When open source/open systems make the logically fallacious leap from open systems to open government, I am reminded of the first time I was shown the web. A government customer was showing me photos of US Navy officers and proudly telling me it would ‘advance their careers’. I told her, “You’ll get them killed.” She said, “Old cold war thinking, len; get out of the way of the new generation.” Within a year, a person had hacked all the passwords to her site and the site was shut down as were most DoD sites until they could be secured.

    It seems the war goes on.

    There is a level of witlessness to what Andy and his comrades are on about and which if the Obama administration pursues it to the reach they suggest will create opportunities for mischief. Cyberwar on the Internet is accelerating and is going far beyond mischief now, yet the web careerists doggedly pursue their goals with an almost panglossian attitude toward the dangers of implementing them.

    I’ve yet to hear IBM or any other company that supports this explain how what they propose works in the contexts of the NIST security standards (documents we all have to submit if we host government systems). Until they do, it is really quite hard to take Andy seriously even though I’m sure some people do much less support it as policy.

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