Good night, CPL

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It’s time for one less open source license. The Common Public License (CPL) is now officially deprecated and replaced by the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

This is evolution in practice. The EPL was created after experience with the CPL as well as by looking at the needs of the overall Eclipse community. It was finally time for CPL to ride off into the sunset.

Ed Burnette has a nice writeup on this over at ZDNet, which is itself based on Eclipse Executive Director Mike Milinkovich’s blog posting which broke the news.


  1. I think you have botched that link to ZDNet since I don’t think you are the Rickrolling type.

  2. Thanks, Chuck, fixed.

  3. You forgot about the evolution that got us to the CPL.

    It all started with Jikes. The Jikes Compiler License was the end result of Dave Shields (at the time of IBM Research) spending an unhealthy amount of time with IBM lawyers to come up with an open source license for Jikes. Several years later, the IPL (IBM Public License) was drafted by simply taking the Jikes compiler license and removing references to Jikes as the product under license. Later, the CPL was formed by removing references to IBM as the origin of the product under license. There were no substantive changes during that time.

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